​A typical Sunday Shoot; Some shooting, some socialising and some just soaking up the friendly atmosphere. 
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​    Mel was shooting on Sunday morning along with all the other club members in attendance. He was not shooting exceptionally well as he was suffering from post "Man Flu" flu jab blues. However during the morning Dai Sneade decided to use stick on target centres to cover up the by now battered faces. He put one on Mel's target at the same time and almost simultaneously an amount of barracking was recieved from elsewhere in the hall. Things like "thats optimistic" and " some people kid themselves don't they". Accepting banter is the norm, Mel stepped up to the shooting line and planted three perfect arrows in the X. Rather than spoil the momnent he packed up for the morning.

​Fort Archers Induction Course

Our next induction course is being held on the following dates.
​The afternoon of Saturday the 18th March at 2:00pm and the morning of Sunday the 19th of March at 9:00am at Fishguard Leisure Centre.